Client testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
A client who’s ex-investor became upset over a deal, wrote a negative post on anonymous sites. The links immediately shot to the top on Google search in his and company name and about to lose a multi-millionaire deal. We fixed this on priority at minimal cost.
Joel Investment Banker
Someone had created a fake Facebook account in teenaged daughter's name. The imposter contacted her friends and made inappropriate comments about her. We helped secure daughter’s online reputation with no additional cost.
Vanessa Distressed Mother
A teenager had been voted out of a beauty pageant at University Festival. She was subsequently a victim of cyberbullying and trolling on social media. The girl felt humiliated and become depressed. Protection Plan helped secure her online reputation.
Neal Winner of a Beauty Pageant
A celebrity for his failed marriage was trolled online with blogs and abusive comments on social media, the negative press was ranking high in his name affecting his online reputation. Being a plan holder, he had fixed this without any additional cost.
Leyton Renowned Celebrity
A multi-talented high school teenager excellent in her studies and cultural activities had thousands of friends on social media. She got trolled/ stalked online by jealous colleagues. She was totally confused about how to react to the situation. We helped her secure online presence.
Jennifer Victim of porn revenge
A high powered lawyer gained a poor reputation because of high profile cases. Being in limelight on a regular basis made him vulnerable for online regular scathing attacks. Protection Plan helped him minimized his cost of repair against any such future incidents.
Malcom International Arbitration Judge
Being in power makes you vulnerable not just from your competitors but from your surrounding people as well which has happened to one of top Fortune 500 company’s CEO. He realized when company’s confidential details leaked online. Plan not helped him reduce cost but also firewall his & company reputation.
Anthony Gonsalves* CEO of Fortune 500 company